Virgin Mudslide    1   maraschino cherry   1/4 cup.  chocolate syrup   1/2 cup cold.  coffee   2 cups.  milk   1 1/2 cups.  heavy cream   1/4 oz Ready whip.  topping   1 pinch.  cinnamon   1 pinch.  chocolate sprinkles   1 quart.  vanilla ice cream   1 tsp.  hazelnut syrup   Place ice cream, cold coffee, milk, chocolate syrup and hazel nut syrup in blender, blend until smooth. Add heavy cream blend until well mixed. Chill parfait or martini glasses. While holding only the stemms or bases of the glasses rim the insede of the glasses with chocolate syrup. Place a swirl of ready whip on top with a marchiano cherry and chocolate sprinkles and cinamon for garnish. TIP: Shaved chocolate will make the presentation more dramatic, perfect for a romantic evening.

Is Amaretto Sweet non-alcoholic?

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